Investment Philosophy


"Unless objectives are converted into action, they are not objectives; they are dreams."

-Peter F. Drucker


Asset Allocation 

A sound financial plan will often entail taking your current financial position and re-allocating your assets so they provide for your financial objectives.

Investing in a well-rounded mix of assets (your portfolio), each with different characteristics and varying responses to economic cycles and pressures, will minimize your portfolio's volatility.The allocation of the assets in your portfolio (stocks, bonds and cash) will determine over 90% of the variation of your return. Market timing and individual security selection play a nominal role in your rate of return.


Investment Risk Tolerance

Financial planning would be easy if there were investments that minimized risk and maximized return -- but the real world doesn't work that way. Generally speaking, the higher the return on your investment, the greater the risk of loss of principal. So, if you stuff your assets into a mattress, it might be safe, but you will get no growth or return on your monies. A moderate risk will probably provide a moderate return. And a high rate of return is usually associated with a high risk investment. Based on your financial objectives and your timeline for reaching your goals, we will develop a portfolio of stocks, bonds and cash that is the appropriate mix of risk and return as indicated by your risk tolerance levels.

Investment Management

 In today's fast paced environment of technology and information, it becomes difficult to manage any individual security portfolio without the aid of a vast onsite research team. In order to provide you with the quality security selection and timely buy/sell decisions we utilize some of the nation's leading money managers. We work with you, not only to select your asset allocation, but also to choose the investments and or managers that are most appealing and suitable to your needs. Our team monitors the performance of each of these managers daily to help ensure you remain on track towards achieving your goals.