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Estate Planning

Estate planning is a necessity for everyone, not only the wealthy. Without a legally binding plan in place, your heirs may spend months and a small fortune settling your affairs through the court system. Estate planning does not have to be complicated. Creating a will is an excellent place to start, and you can add asset planning services as you accumulate real estate or other valuable items. 

Why Estate Planning Is Important 

Estate planning is crucial to protect your friends and family after you pass away or become incapacitated. An essential component of an estate plan is transferring assets to heirs to ensure they have the smallest tax burden possible. Properly distributing assets not only saves money on taxes, but can also avoid awkward family squabbles. 

Estate Planning Steps 

A financial advisor will customize an estate plan depending on your assets, beneficiaries, and wishes. However, there are a few simple steps every person should take when making an estate plan, including: 

  • Create a will
  • Consider opening a trust
  • Make health care directives
  • Establish a financial power of attorney document
  • Plan the distribution of your property
  • File beneficiary forms
  • Consider life insurance
  • Minimize estate taxes

While estate planning may seem like an uncomfortable process, a well-crafted plan can provide peace of mind and ease financial uncertainty. 

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