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Investment Management

Investment management is the process of managing assets such as stocks, bonds, and annuities to build long-term wealth. By working with a certified professional, you can develop an effective strategy for the buying and selling of portfolio holdings. An advisor will help you clarify your goals and assess your level of risk tolerance to choose the best investments. 

Investment Management and Risk Tolerance

Many people turn to investments to save money and receive high monetary rewards over the long run. However, some people also achieve success in achieving short-term financial goals by choosing an appropriate strategy. Your rate of return often depends on the amount of money you invest and the investments you select. 

A financial advisor can help you craft a strategy with the proper level of risk tolerance, which is defined as one’s financial ability to withstand losses. The more risk you take, the greater rewards you can expect. For instance, individuals who can tolerate a 25% loss without it impacting their long-term goals generally invest more aggressively than those who cannot withstand significant losses. Investors who cannot afford to lose more than 10% of their investments should take a more conservative strategy. 

Partner With Susquehanna Financial Advisors LLC

At Susquehanna Financial Advisors LLC, we help clients determine the right mix of investment asset classes. We consider your goals and risk tolerance level when customizing a strategy for you. We may recommend stocks, bonds, mutual funds, money market accounts, real estate, or other investments. We also offer asset allocation and tax planning services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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